HAZY DAZE SUNFLOWERS 57 x41cm | Diamond Dotz Art Kit

HAZY DAZE SUNFLOWERS 57 x41cm | Diamond Dotz Art Kit

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Diamond art is a new creative hobby that uses shimmering diamond-like facets to create visually spectacular designs. As accessible as paint by numbers and as satisfying as cross stitch this new craft will engage hobbyists from all skill levels as they produce exquisite end results!


Diamond Dotz is a quality product. 

  • The variety of designs will interest beginners right through to experienced crafters.
  • Images used on packaging and web images are of dotted models, not computer generated. This means you can be assured that you know what the end result will look like before purchasing.
  • The unique facet design has 13 different surfaces that reflect light and create a more spectacular finished result than competing products.
  • The working base is a heavy weight woven polyester fabric, engineered to resist fold marks and strong enough to carry the weight of facets without any problem. 
  • The adhesive is a proprietary, hi tech formula engineered specifically to ensure Diamond Dotz facets remain attached to the working base.


Click here to visit Diamond Dotz Instagram for inspiration.