Neef 600 Smooshing Brush

Neef 600 Smooshing Brush

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Smooching is a decorative painting technique used to create a soft,

light dry brush finish. When using the Smooshing brush (also known

as a blending brush), the brush is dry and important to apply a small

amount of paint. Lightly touch the surface you are smooshing and blend out the harsh edge with a clean brush




Neef 975 Taklon Flat Rake or Comb Brush

Shaped like a Bright brush, with the tip hairs feathered for special

techniques and texture similar to hair or grass. Also called a rake

or comb brush. Talkon brushes have strong filaments which give

great colour carrying capacity. They are suitable for most

techniques including, watercolour, gouache, inks, acrylics and oils.